“The two of you better eat every bit of that cereal and I’m CEREAL!” his mother sternly commanded.

“Wait a minute mom I think you meant to say…” 

“Shut up Bud! The both of you are some of the most ungrateful kids I’ve ever known. Haven’t I told the two of you time and time again; there are babies, women, and children starving to death in Africa?  And the two of you have the nerve to complain about eating Captain Flakes!”

 “Mom those are not…”

“Boy! Didn’t I tell you to shut the hell up and eat your cereal?”

“ Yea, mom but…”

 “Shut-up! Matter of fact you start drinking your milk; right now!  Both of you start drinking and hurry up!  I want those bowls cleaned and that milk drunk.”

 Without pause she goes into her quintessential count down before the parental blast off,

“One, Twoooo, Threeeee

                “Whaaat! This is not milk mom.”

 Bud interrupts trying to explain away his frown.  The boy sat disgusted looking at the bowl of soggy cereal.  His sister had seen enough; remembering the thrashing she received the day prior for failing her spelling test she weeps out to her older brother,

“Bud don’t do it!  You saw what they did to Kunta Kinte.  Whatz youz thinks deyz gonna do to you?”

A tear drops her eye, while mustering the strength needed to swallow a spoon full of soggy Corn Flakes.  But it’s was too late; mother superior heard his defiant response and started stomping her way back toward the dining room table.  The boy looked over at his sister sitting in sheer terror and astonishment at his defiance.

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