After reading this book you’ll never look at society, religion or science under the same dim light of the past. For alas, you’ll be as we say, ‘Enlightened to Anew’ way of thinking about all three.

Fear it not. Instead, challenge your mind and conscience to consider Anew way of thinking; by embarking on this literary journey through the mind of a ‘smart-alec’ adolescent, who confronts his fears, only to be knocked of his square and onto a paradoxical planet inhibited by 144,000 of the most enlightened beings to ever contemplate anything. Upon doing so, all of that which matters between your ears will eventually light up like a bulb; as you find yourself contemplating and questioning the contemporary understanding of just about everything, in ways that you never have before.

Lust, consensual rape, love, and predation intertwine this narrative; into a satirical epic that is sure to blow your mind, stroke your heart and tickle all of your bones—including that funny one.

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